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Want to Reduce Holiday Waste? So Do I . . .

Can’t argue with the useful information provided by our friends at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the following:

Reducing Holiday Waste.

Tips for Environmentally Friendly Holiday Gifts This Season.

But I would suggest that organizations like Recycled Fish, B.A.S.S., Trout Unlimited, and plenty of others do much the same at no direct expense to the taxpayer. And I guarantee that their costs for doing so are a fraction of what was paid to produce this information by the federal government.

In other words, I recommend that we “reduce holiday waste” by reducing EPA and other bloated bureaucracies that have put us trillions of dollars in debt.

Here’s why this is necessary if we are ever to have a healthy economy again, as explained by the Heritage Foundation:

Congress does not have a vault of money waiting to be distributed. Every dollar Congress injects into the economy must first be taxed or borrowed out of the economy. No new spending power is created. It is merely redistributed from one group of people to another.

Congress cannot create new purchasing power out of thin air. If it funds new spending with taxes, it is simply redistributing existing purchasing power (while decreasing incentives to produce income and output). If Congress instead borrows the money from domestic investors, those investors will have that much less to invest or to spend in the private economy. If they borrow the money from foreigners, the balance of payments will adjust by equally raising net imports, leaving total demand and output unchanged.

Every dollar Congress spends must first come from somewhere else.

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