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Asian Carp: If You Can't Beat 'em, Eat 'em!

Silver carp captured during sampling of Illinois River. Photo courtesy of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

Asian carp now make up more than 60 percent of the total fish biomass in the main channel of the Illinois River.

Researchers from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale made that discovery during 18 months of research for a report entitled “Fishing Down the Bighead and Silver Carps: Reducing the Risk of Invasion to the Great Lakes.”

The best solution to the problem: Catch and eat the invaders.

Here is what Science Daily says in its article about the edibility of Asian carp:

“The fish is high in protein and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids. Most fish also were low in contaminates. It has a mild flavor and is among one of the healthier fish for consumption, given its plankton feeding habits. In China, where the head of the bighead variety is used to make soup, the fish has been hunted to near eradication.

Read more here.

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