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A Sure Sign of Global Warming . . . Or Is It?

 MIssissippi kite on Missouri lake photo by Robert Montgomery

A pair of Mississippi kites has taken up residence near my small lake in Missouri. As the name suggests, the normal range for these birds is south of here.

That’s a sure sign of climate change/global warning.  Warmer winters are encouraging them to expand their range north.

Or is it a sure sign?

A loon has been here for at least a month. I’ve seen them here in the winter before, but never the summer.

Now, if the kites are farther north because the climate is warming, shouldn’t the loon be farther north of its range as well? What is it doing to the south of where it normally lives in the summer?

Oh, I am so confused. Will a manmade global warming advocate from the Obama administration please explain this to me?

 I am confident that you can. No matter what dynamic changes and/or abnormalities occur in weather, as well as plants and animals, the reason is manmade global warming caused by that awful fossil fuel.

So . . . how exactly does that work with loons and Mississippi kites both spending the summer in Missouri?  

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