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Angler Encounters Anti-Fishing Advocates on Michigan Stream

Interesting story here about an angler’s encounter with anti-fishing folks.

Here's an excerpt:

“Why do you catch them at all?” she challenged. “All you’re doing is hurting them, and most of them will likely die after you release them.”

Now then, I’ve encountered antis before while hunting, but while fishing was a first for me. I somehow controlled my temper as I gave them my views on fishing and hunting in no uncertain terms. And I told them that we didn’t appreciate being told that what we were doing was wrong.

Finally, I asked if they belonged to some organized group that went about pestering folks, and they gave no reply to that but continued to harass us. It finally became necessary to dismiss them by mentioning that harassment was illegal in Michigan, and off they went, probably to look for other anglers to annoy.

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