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Together, We Can Make a Difference

My good friend Teeg Stouffer --- founder of Recycled Fish --- has a great piece about angler activist ---- or the lack of it --- at Fishhound.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I'm still optimistic, but in the intervening decade, I've had some rude awakenings.

“The first is that some anglers really don't care, and probably never will. That's why there are Styrofoam worm containers, a jumble of beer cans, and tangles of fishing line at your favorite fishing hole. It's why when news of a hot fishing spot breaks, a horde of people, bristling with their graphite sticks and 5-gallon buckets, descends upon it to make sure that the hot fishing doesn't last long.

“Some folks who own fishing gear simply do not care about our waters. That problem is bigger – it's rooted in a poverty mindset, and if you went to those people's homes, their homes would look exactly the same as they left their fishing spot. Bad.

“But if we're being honest, trash and over-harvest is a small, small part of the problem, and it's the irresponsibility of just a few.

“Honestly, the big problem is in all the rest of us. It's all of us who say we care, but the limits of 'caring' are devastatingly low.”

I’m a member of Recycled Fish’s board of directors, and I encourage you to support the cause: Stewardship of our waters.

Together, we can make a difference, and all that’s required for us to do that is to live our lives responsibly.

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