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Mussels, Carp Top List of Threats

Here’s the top 10 invasive species threats to fishing and hunting, according to Wildlife Forever.

1. ZEBRA & QUAGGA MUSSELS for devastating the food chain, reducing fish populations; destroying spawning habitat; encrusting boats and docks, and wreaking havoc on equipment and on fishing.

2. ASIAN CARP for taking over rivers and streams, replacing sport fish populations; impeding navigation and causing injury, even possible death, to boaters on the waters.

3. CANADA THISTLE for choking out native prairie grasses and plants; providing no food value; driving deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife out of traditional habitat.

4. HYDRILLA for limiting access for boating, fishing and waterfowl hunting; dense beds destroying sport fish spawning grounds; out competing native plants and, once mature, degrading fishing.

5. BUCKTHORN for killing hardwood forests; eliminating native mast producing trees important to deer and turkey; choking woodland travel corridors and decreasing overall productive habitat.

6. ROCK SNOT - DIDYMO for smothering food sources for trout and salmon; covering spawning habitat and insect life with ooze; wreaking havoc on fishing and access to fishable waters.

7. EMERALD ASH BORER for destroying 100 million ash trees, creating loss of habitat and fire zones imperiling wildlife, humans and property. At stake, 7.5 billion trees.

8. WHIRLING DISEASE for killing trout and salmon. When an infected fish's death occurs, millions of parasitic spores release back into the water, which are virtually indestructible surviving for up to 30 years to kill again.

9. FERAL HOGS for wanton destruction of habitat; consumption of acorns and mast denying essential food from deer, wild turkey and quail; eating eggs of ground nesting birds; killing fawns and maliciously uprooting riparian areas.

10. PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE for eliminating productive fish and wildlife habitat to the tune of 500,000 acres of wetlands annually; offering no food value; reducing waterfowl nesting and fish nursery areas.

Go here to learn more about how to combat these invaders and to download the “wanted dead not alive” poster above.

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