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Angler Advocate Joins Activist in Fight for Fisheries

Tim Cook (left) with Ricky Perry, former Texas governor and a Republican presidential contender.

Check out the new blog --- Angler Advocate --- from my friend Tim Cook, conservation director for the Texas B.A.S.S. Federation Nation.

Here is what he has to say about it:

“I got the inspiration from Robert Montgomery and his Activist Angler website. I am not a professional writer, and am definitely no Robert Montgomery, but from time to time, I have some things to say . . .

“While much of the content may be Texas related, I intend to discuss all national topics of importance as well . . .”

Tim is a leader and innovator in the Federation Nation, and I hope that other state conservation directors will follow his example to help spread the word about issues of concern relating to bass fishing, water quality, and conservation in general.

Anglers carry incredible political clout if only they will do a better job of getting organized, getting educated (about issues), and speaking out to those we elect to office.