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The Bassroom: When You Need a Private Moment for 'Relief'

Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for clever word play, especially when it involves a bodily function.

Matt Smith hooked me with all of that and then some. His Mesquite, Texas, company, Cover Your Bass, sells the Bassroom, a private, portable toilet for your boat. It can also be set up on the ground or in the back of a truck. (Click the image below or the link in the right margin to learn more.)


Smith says: "We've created this product to fill a void. You never know who has a camera or video phone and would enjoy the 10 minutes of fame by posting a video of you 'caught in the act' on YouTube or similar social network websites. The price, privacy, and function of the Bassroom provides security and comfort for much less than the cost of embarrassment or possible legal fees for over-exposure while on the lake."

Of course, it's also more eco-friendly than you-know-what and will save you the time of motoring all the way back to the porta-potties at the launch site or a secluded stretech of shoreline.

Back in the pre-ESPN days of B.A.S.S., I remember plenty of pros who would have loved to have the Bassroom onboard during the Bassmaster Classic. They spent many an agonizing hour with swollen bladders to prevent that "over-exposure" to the boaters who followed them around all day.