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Reviews At Amazon For My Books

Better Bass Fishing: "Probably one of the best books ever written on bass fishing. I got more out of this book than I have the last 10 books I have read on the subject. I would love for the author to follow up with a 2nd book on bass. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to fish for bass or even those of us who have been for many years. There's something for everyone in this book."

Why We Fish: "I read this book about 1/2 way through, then ordered 4 more. I gave them, as gifts, to friends. Some of the contributors are folks I hold in very high regard, as well as Mr. Montgomery himself. I keep referring back to certain passages occasionally, primarily to gain insight from someone else's perspective. I do recommend this book. My friends have thanked me several times."

Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies: "This book was amazing - perfect summer reading for adults and kids alike! I read it first and enjoyed it and then we read it as a family at bedtime with our 7-year-old, taking turns reading chapters. His favorite chapter was about the toads escaping and he is still giggling about some of the other stories too. It brings back so many childhood memories - back when the outdoors meant so much more. I'm so glad we read it - and we will re-read it - lest we forget. We laughed (and cried...bringing Mom up the mountain!) and I'm so happy to have been introduced to this wonderful book."


Why We Fish:

We don't live to fish; we fish to live.


Kids Know Why We Fish: It's Fun!


"I believe that faster is not always the best way in fishing, and from that I have learned that it’s not always the best way in life either. Those who don’t see that miss out on the many pleasures of the journey, as they focus single-mindedly on the destination. We each have only a limited amount of time in this life. Why rush it?"

---from Why We Fish


But I knew for a fact that I had caught little or nothing on many of my fishing trips, and yet I couldn't remember a single time that I had come home from fishing unhappy.

From Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies--- Growing Up With Nature.