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Go Fishing to Help Save Rodman Reservoir

The environmentalists are coming after Rodman Reservoir again. For nearly 20 years, they’ve been trying to destroy this world-class bass fishery on Florida’s Ocklawaha River

Even though it is a diverse ecosystem, a wildlife haven, and one of Florida’s most popular destinations for outdoor recreation, they want it gone because it is the last remnant of the Cross-Florida Barge Canal, which was discontinued more than 40 years ago.

I’ll have an in-depth opinion piece about this in the April issue of B.A.S.S. Times. It will include an angler’s call to arms, which I also will issue right here right now.

You can help protect Rodman Reservoir by participating in the 2012 Annual Save Rodman Open Fishing Tournament on April 21. Go here to learn more and to find out the history of Rodman and the fight to save it.

Also, here’s an article in the Orlando Sentinel about this newest attempt to destroy Rodman. I'll warn you that it favors the environmentalists, with a couple of outrageous quotes included that aren't challenged or countered.

And be sure to read my column in the April issue of B.A.S.S. Times. You can subscribe to it by becoming a member of B.A.S.S. It’s a great publication, providing news about fisheries issues such as access and invasive species, as well as how-to articles and tournament coverage


Go Fishing to Help Save Rodman Reservoir

One of the main reasons that I like tournament fishing is that it allows you to help a good cause and have fun at the same time.

On Saturday, April 16, you can help a really good cause and have fun on one of Florida’s best bass fisheries by participating in the 15th Annual Save Rodman Reservoir (SRR) Open Bass Tournament. For more information, go to Save Rodman Reservoir’s website or call (386) 326-1112.

Don’t own a bass boat? No problem. SRR has a special small-boat category for craft with engines of 50 horsepower or less. But you must have a working livewell system.

Now, why is this such a good cause? SRR is the first line of defense against Rodman’s destruction, and it needs your support to continue protecting this resource from Florida Defenders of the Environment and its political allies.



Help Save Rodman Reservoir

Join the fun for the 15th annual Save Rodman Reservoir (SRR) Bass Fishing Tournament April 16 and help save Rodman Reservoir from being destroyed by Florida Defenders of the Environment (FDE) and their political allies.

 No conflict better demonstrates the divide between conservation and preservation than this decades-long battle regarding the fate of this world-class bass fishery and popular destination for camping, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor recreation.

Constructed on the Ocklawaha River during the 1960s, Rodman was part of the Cross Florida Barge Canal project, designed to facilitate navigation from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico without going all the way around Florida.  It was a stupid idea and could have been devastating to the natural beauty and bounty of the Sunshine State.