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Rules Proposed to Protect Water During 'Fracking'

Water must be better protected during fracking.

We need gas and oil, and we especially need to obtain them from our own resources, instead of importing.

The problem with "fracking," also known as hydraulic fracturing, has been too little regulation, resulting in damage to both surface and groundwater. But now the Bureau of Land Management has proposed rules for public disclosure of fluids used in the process, as well as for the handling of wastewater and the integrity of well casings.

“Sportsmen are pleased that our federal decision makers recognize the need to increase transparency during all phases of energy planning and development,” said Tom Franklin of Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, which is a member of the Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development coalition.

“We will continue to work closely with the administration, Congress, industry, and our conservation partners to assure that public lands energy projects employ a science-based approach that sustains our nation’s fish and wildlife resources and outdoors opportunities.”

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