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Closures 'Corrupt, Unfunded and Unnecessary'

Jim Matthews at FishRap is reporting that "the California State Fish and Game Commission adopted sweeping closures of ocean waters off the Southern California coast, eliminating sportfishing and most other uses in these areas in a vote Dec. 15 in Santa Barbara. 

"In adopting the regulations, mandated as part of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), three words come immediately to mind about the process: corrupt, unfunded and unnecessary. The process has been flawed from the beginning."

Folks, as I've warned repeatedly, this is what could be coming nationwide, courtesy of the National Ocean Council.

Follow what's happening at FishRap, Keep America Fishing, the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, Center for Coastal Conservation, and Recreational Fishing Alliance.

Also, check out the works of Capt. Len Belcaro at Big Game Fishing Journal. He is doing an excellent job of exposing this attempted big-government theft of our right to fish.

Get active and get involved. The future of fishing depends on your activism.


Do Your Homework, Please!




All right, class, I know that you want to finish up here so that you can get out and go fishing. But we have one more topic to cover.

First, let's . . .  Wait a minute. Johnny, is that a worm hanging out of your mouth?

You're keeping them warm until you can go fishing?

Didn't I see you out in the pasture across the road turning over cow patties to get those worms?


Never mind. I don't want to know.

Let's try again. All right, class, I want you to go to Keep America Fishing(KAF). At the very least make it one of your favorites. Better yet, make it your home page.

Sign up for e-mails that will deliver news and alerts to your mailbox.

Now, Liberty Rose, why is this important?

That's right, recreational fishing is threatened as never before. And, Johnny, give me an example of how KAF can help.

I know, I know, it's tough to talk with your mouth full. Try.

Excellent! That's right. KAF mobilized 43,000 anglers to help defeat a proposed lead ban on fishing tackle.

Okay, school's out. Go fishing!

Photo information: By the way, that girl did catch that 40-inch-plus northern pike all by herself. I watched her and took the photo, while fishing out of North Knife Lake Lodge in Manitoba.


Help Keep America Fishing

Hey, make a $30 donation to Keep America Fishing --- your friend and mine --- and you will receive a free Rapala Pro Bass Fishing game for Nintendo Wii bundled with a rod and reel adapter for your Wii controller. That's a $49.99 value.

Your donation will help preserve our right to fish.