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Ike Speaks Out for Clean Water

During the Bassmaster Classic, Bass pro Mike Iaconelli talks about importance of clean water.

Check it out on YouTube.


Follow the Shad for Bass Fishing Success in Fall

Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek share insights into how and where to catch bass in fall at Keep America Fishing.

Here’s an excerpt:

“In order to understand the bass migration, you must first understand the bait migration. In most lakes across the country, shad are the main forage for the bass. After summer, the colder water brings the baitfish out in search of food of their own. The main source of food for the shad is plankton, and this brings them out of the main lake and into channels and creeks.

“The most important part of bass fishing in the fall is knowing where to find these schools of bait. If you can find the schools, you can also find the bass.”

Read the full story here.

But Don't Forget . . .

Secret: Many pros believe that most of our reservoirs have two distinct populations of bass. One population stays offshore except to spawn, relating more to deep-water structure and feeding primarily on shad. The other might migrate into deeper water during summer and winter, but prefers to feed in shallow water during spring and fall. What this means is that you almost always can find fish deep, and deep fish receive far less pressure from anglers than do those in the shallows.

--- From my book, Better Bass Fishing, available here or at Amazon.


Your Help Needed to Ensure Gulf, Delta Restoration

In two letters to Congress, more than 650 fishing, hunting, and outdoor sporting businesses and organizations have stepped up to help restore the Mississippi River Delta and the Gulf Coast.

Have you?

If not, please do it now. Click here to tell your senators and representatives to support the RESTORE Gulf Coast Act, to ensure that fines paid by BP and other companies go where it is supposed to go --- to restoration.

Without passage of the act, greedy politicians could divert the money to the general fund, where it will disappear into a black hole of waste and political favors.

“The delta has suffered years of damage and is being lost at an alarming rate—a football field of land disappears every hour,” said Land Tawney of Vanishing Paradise (VP).

“The oil spill added insult to injury for this area and the entire Gulf region. Now is the time for Congress to pass the RESTORE Act, to ensure that oil spill fines reach the Gulf, where the latest round of damage was done.”

VP reports that a bipartisan poll this spring showed that 83 percent of voters nationwide support—and 69 percent strongly support—dedicating the Gulf oil spill penalties to restoring the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf Coast. The poll also showed that an overwhelming majority of conservative voters favor this proposal, including 76 percent of Republicans, and 78 percent of voters who agree with the Tea Party movement.

“Restoring the Gulf and the Mississippi River Delta is an important issue for all sportsmen,” said Mike Iaconelli, 2003 Bassmasters Classic champion.

“Those of us who hunt or fish need to step up and show we care about this issue. The disappearing Mississippi River Delta is not a problem we can’t fix, and Congress has a chance to do what’s right for the Gulf Coast. Now is the time for them to take action.”


Join KVD, Ike, and Other Pros in Supporting Autism Awareness

Here’s a shout-out to professional anglers Kevin VanDam, Mike Iaconelli, John Crews, Fred Roumbanis, Kelly Jordon, Edwin Evers, Bub Tosh, and Scott Martin. They all support autism awareness by displaying the “Fishin’ with a Mission” decal on their boats or tow rigs.

“Fishin’ with a Mission” is the creation of Eli Delany, a Massachusetts angler whose son Luke has autism. And he’s not the only one.

According to a pediatrics report at Talk About Curing Autism website, 1 in 91 children has autism, with a new case diagnosed nearly every 20 minutes. No medical detection or cure for the disability exists, which is why being aware of its symptoms, especially in children, is so important.

You also can support autism awareness by educating yourself at Delany’s website and buying a decal.

In a letter to the sponsors of the above anglers, Delany said, “In today’s very difficult times, your sponsored angler was willing to give away very valuable advertising space in support of children and families affected by autism.

“This shows true humility and a genuine willingness to give back to the sport and the community. You should be very proud that you sponsor such an individual.”


Fishin' With a Mission to Raise Awareness About Autism

This website isn’t just about activism to promote and protect recreational fishing. It’s also about using the power of our sport to support good causes.

One of those is autism awareness. My friend Eli Delany leads the charge on this one at MyLittleBuddysBoat. His little buddy is son Luke, who has autism.

But Eli and Luke also have some great company in raising awareness about the disorder that is now being diagnosed in 1 in every 92 children or about 1 in every 50 households, since most families have two children or more. Bass pros Mike “Ike” Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam, Edwin Evers, Kelly Jordon, Scott Martin, Fred Roumbanis, and Bub Tosh generously support the campaign.

Delany raises funds to benefit the cause by selling Fishin’ with a Mission decals on his website. “At the end of 2010, we were able to make our first donation to purchasing life vests and swim boards for the aquatics program at the New England Center for Children (school for autism treatment and education),” says Eli, who adds that Ike has been “tireless” in his support.

“It’s also very humbling to have the continued support of KVD who still displays the decal right next to his name on this boat,” he says. “Considering what he is achieving is unheralded in our sport, I’m incredibly honored to have his continuing support when there are many other worthwhile charities that he could be supporting just as easily.”