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Missing A Friend

My friend Bob died of pancreatic cancer about 4 months ago. But only now, with the promise of spring, am I really starting to feel the loss.

As the weather improved, Pippa and I would visit Bob and Daisy on the first warm afternoons. Bob and I would sit on his deck and drink a beer or two as we watched the season change. Pippa and Daisy would play in the new green grass below.

Although he wasn't very good at it, Bob liked to fish. And just two weeks before we took him to hospice, he asked me to help him down to the dock so that he could fish for catfish one more time.

That afternoon,despite his emaciated body, he caught his biggest fish ever from that lake. I know that because he told me as he smiled broadly And he was so proud of it. He said that it was a good way to go out.

By then, his mental sharpness had declined and I don't think that he realized just how miraculous that catch was. Pushing 8 pounds, the catfish wrapped his flimsy line all around the dock ladder. As he relished the fight, not certain of what was going on, I reached down and somehow managed to untangle it.

Call it dumb luck on my part if you want. I think that it was something else.

(The photos are from two years before. Bob and Daisy are featured prominently in my book Pippa's Journey.)


Working Dogs For Conservation

I stumbled onto a great organization today: Working Dogs for Conservation.

Much of the work is based on the fact that dogs have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, better than scientists can replicate with technology. You can find out more about that in my book, Pippa's Journey: Tail-Wagging Tales of Rescue Dogs.

WD4C does doubly good work by adopting shelter dogs, which otherwise might be euthanized or die after spending their lives in confinement.

The dogs are used to find and collect data on endangered plants and animals worldwide. They also help to reduce poaching in Africa, among other missions.

Please check WD4C out and considering supporting it.



For The Dog Lovers On Your Gift List . . . 

Santa knows what they want.


Activist Angler Writes Book About Dogs

Local fishing expert and award-winning writer Robert Montgomery’s fourth book in less than five years has recently been released.

Unlike his previous books, however, which are mainly about nature, conservation, fishing and the appreciation of nature, “Pippa's Journey: Tail-Wagging Tales of Rescue Dogs” is about dogs, specifically adopted dogs, and highlights the efforts of Farmington Pet Adoption Center (FPAC) and other no-kill shelters.

Pippa’s Journey describes the “often funny, near tragic, and always exciting ride” Montgomery took with his dog during their first four years together. He dedicated the book “to man’s best friend and no-kill animal shelters,” and is donating a portion of the profit from the sale of each book to the Farmington Pet Adoption Center, where he found Pippa in 2013.

Read rest of article in Daily Journal.


You Can't Buy Love, But You Can Adopt It

Pippa's Journey: Tail-Wagging Tales of Rescue Dogs.

Pippa grew up in a shelter. Against all odds, she was adopted at age 2. This is the often funny, near tragic, and inspirational story of her discovery of the outside world.

The book also contains touching stories of other rescue dogs , as well as information about the shelters and why people should consider adopting, especially adult dogs.

It's entertaining, heart-warming, and a great reference book as well!

Pippa's Journey is dedicated to man's best friend, and a portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to no-kill shelters.