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Plan for Carp Control Will Be Too Little, Too Late

Ah, yes, the government is here to solve your problems. With 58 samples showing Asian carp DNA above the electric barrier and one live fish found there as well, the feds are going to spend $25 million and take until 2015 to study possible separation of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River basin to keep the carp out of the lakes.

Check out the Times Herald story.

Journal Sentinel photo by Gary Porter

Meanwhile, chef Jimmy Wade at the Heaven City Restaurant in Mukwonago, Wis., says "Let them eat carp." Starting in February, his "invasivore" dinner menu will include carp cakes, smoked carp steak, and carp Napoleon.

Go Jimmy go!

Unfortunately, eating carp --- unless McDonald's adds an invasivore value meal --- is not likely to do much to diminish the population and the threat that Asian carp pose to the Great Lakes and their billion-dollar sport fishery.

But, then again, neither are actions by the federal government --- and we're wasting millions of dollars on that.