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Big Bass Season Has Started; Are You Ready for That Trophy?

Dave Burkhardt with 13-8 largemouth that he caught on a crankbait at Mexico's Lake El Salto. Photo by Robert Montgomery

Most big bass are caught from fall into spring. With that in mind, Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) has provided a great primer on how to care for those trophy fish. It’s specifically targeted to Texas anglers, but most of the information applies no matter where you are fishing.

Before we get to the TPW information, here are a couple of additional tips for handling bass so that you can release them unharmed.

1. When you’re reviving a fish, do NOT pull it forward and then push it backward in the water. Think about it. When a fish swims, water flows in only one direction across the gills. Pull; don’t push.

2. When you lift a bass by the lower jaw, do NOT pull down on that jaw. Keep the fish as vertical as possible as you lift, to relieve stress on the jaw. If the bass is more than 3 or 4 pounds, get a hand under its belly as soon as possible.

And if you want a trophy, consider this: A fiberglass replica is a much better option than a skin mount. It might cost a little more, but it will continue to look good long after the skin mount starts to fade and show signs of age. Most importantly, you don’t have to kill the fish to get your trophy.

Take a couple of photos, weigh the fish, and measure the length and girth, and you’ll have all you need for the fiberglass mount.

Personally, I prefer just a “hero shot” photograph of me grinning broadly with my fish, seconds before I release it. Only cost for that is making a print of the photo and framing it.

Here’s the TPW article:



New TrophyCatch Program Will Promote Florida's World-Class Bass Fishery


Check out Florida’s new TrophyCatch program, which begins in October 2012.

It’s the Sunshine State’s version of Texas’ hugely successful ShareLunker project, but with some differences.

With the Texas plan, anglers give their lunkers of 13 pounds or more to the state to assist research and hatchery spawning of bigger bass. Additionally, ShareLunker has been a great way to promote Texas as a bass-fishing destination.

Tom Champeau, director of Florida’s Freshwater Fisheries Division, hopes that TrophyCatch will do the same for his state. Anglers are asked to report bass of 8 pounds or more and to release them to be caught again.

“Our goal is to have a positive impact promoting the sport of bass fishing both in Florida and everywhere else,” Champeau says.

“Florida leads the nation in attracting anglers from all over the world and we want TrophyCatch to reach them all!  Enthusiastic bass anglers are good for everyone and support conservation projects that sustain our valuable fisheries.”

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