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Anti-Fishing Agenda Exposed 

In an editorial earlier this week, the Washington Times said the following:


"On the rare occasion when federal bureaucrats waver in their commitment to expanding their own regulatory power, environmental extremists can always be counted on to look for a sympathetic judge to expand it for them. The latest clever scheme would undermine the right of Americans to hunt and fish, using the judicial branch to implement policies too hot for regulators or lawmakers to touch. Congress needs to step in and disarm this assault on traditional sporting activities."

 The Times is right, of course. The same folks also are behind the National Ocean Council, spatial planning, and catch shares. In fact, within weeks of Obama's election, they had produced Transition to Green to guide this administration's preservationist agenda. Here's an excerpt:

 "Marine biodiversity in these waters is under increasing threat from overfishing, noise and chemical pollution, habitat destruction and now ocean warming and ocean acidification related to climate change. Even if UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea) is ratified, there is still a need for a specific management framework to govern human activities on the high seas, e.g., for creating multi-sector marine protected areas, addressing overfishing, or coordinating assessment and management of cumulative impacts across sectors."