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Fishing keeps us humble, which makes us better people.  Infrequent success reminds us that we have much to learn from those less “intelligent” than ourselves.

From Why We Fish


Why We Fish: Airborne, Air-Breathing, Bird-Eating Predators

I caught this arowana while fishing for peacock bass on the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon. It can breath air, as well as water, and often leaps out of the water to capture prey, including birds on low-hanging branches

It's but one of more than 2,500 species of fish (some say the number is closer to 5,000) in the massive Amazon River basin, which covers 2.5 million square miles and 30 percent of South America.

Seeing and learning about such miracles of nature are but two of the many reasons why I fish and why I wrote Why We Fish.


Still Hooked On Fishing

I was hooked the first time that I went fishing, even though I didn’t catch a fish. Just seeing another Cub Scout pull in a bluegill with a cane pole was enough for me.

Until well into my teens, I fished to catch fish. Period. I didn’t just love to fish. I lived to fish.

That began to change in college, when I intuitively went fishing to relieve stress. But still I didn’t think about. Nor did it occur to me to wonder why we fish as a young outdoors writer, when I met fishing guides, bass pros, and folks in the fishing industry.

But as I met people who told me stories about the intangible value of angling, I did start to wonder. Soldiers stationed in Iraq shared with me that fishing over there made them feel closer to home. A father with an autistic child revealed how his son is happier on the water. And the organizer of a fishing event for children with terminal illness told me about how a little girl screamed with joy to feel the wind in her hair as she rode in a bass boat.

I also began to realize that going fishing as an adult awakened in me so many wonderful memories of angling trips with friends and family when I was younger.

Excerpt from Why We Fish.


Toothy Taker

I was fishing for small tarpon with bass tackle in the mangroves of Belize when this barracuda decided that it wanted my MirrOlure.

When you cast that bait, you just never know what's waiting to eat it . . .  This is Why We Fish.


Check Out NAPRA's 'Why We Fish' Essay Contest

Click here for information about contest and National Association of Professional River Anglers. Contest is open to the public.

With a respected reputation nationally, NAPRA is a wade-fishing tournament circuit based in Ohio, with focus on the Mad, Great Miami, and Stillwater rivers.

Why We Fish has 38 five-star reviews at Amazon.

Here's one of them:

"I read this book about 1/2 way through, then ordered 4 more. I gave them, as gifts, to friends. Some of the contributors are folks I hold in very high regard, as well as Mr. Montgomery himself. I keep referring back to certain passages occasionally, primarily to gain insight from someone else's perspective. I do recommend this book. My friends have thanked me several times."